We need you to continue to grow

Currently, our Kindergarten has capacity for 44 children aged between 3 and 6 years old. Over 30 years, this educational project has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of families, but it is necessary to respond to the incessant search for new families that continue to reach us.

Once the necessary conditions have been met and a space has been provided for this expansion to materialize, your contribution to this fundraising will make the construction of the new Pole in Barão de São João a reality!


What does our mission consist of?

With a uniquely social and educational nature, we welcome families and children who seek this municipality (Lagos - Algarve) and this pedagogy (Waldorf Pedagogy) every year. Founded in 1992, our association has dedicated the last 30 years to growing more than 1,000 creative and confident children.

Why is it necessary to expand?

Every year our association deals with the frustration of not being able to welcome all families looking for an environment like the one we provide. There are an average of 70 children per year that we are unable to accommodate, totaling approximately 360 children who have not been able to join in the last 6 years.

This expansion will include daycare and kindergarten facilities, providing answers to the resident families, it will be in harmony with the children's needs, respecting what by nature helps them to grow in a healthy way.

Why Waldorf Pedagogy?

This broad search concerns the differentiated work of Waldorf Pedagogy, the principles of education for the full potential of each individual and respect for the individual rhythm and time of being a child. In the welcoming environment, in the relationship with nature, and in the corporate work between parents and the Association, many families see themselves in an innovative way of educating and being in the world.

How can I help?

  • Donating financial resources through IBAN:
    PT50 0036 0179 9910 0064 5104 5


Other ways to help:

  • Contribute with your IRS (find out here how)
  • Donating materials for the new school
  • Publicizing our project to those who can help: www.waldorfinfanciaviva.org
  • Donating valuables, in good condition, for auction
  • Joining and inviting others to do the same
  • Purchasing handcrafts produced by the parents, available at the kindergarten.


More information about this expansion project:


Thank you for contributing to a better world!