Eva understood that she would have to be the one to find a space where to start. The parents didn’t have the resources or the time to help. She found a beautiful house in Barão de S. João, and on the 7th of January 1992 she started the kindergarten, with a class of ten children, mostly German. She got support from a Waldorf kindergarten in Germany, both in school materials and in motivation.

The first 10 children at the house in Barão de S. João.

Gradually the doors opened also for Portuguese children, through the relation of trust created with the local population. Two people joined to help with the work: Pia, a Waldorf teacher from Staufen, in Germany, and Aurélia who is still working at the kindergarten, in Monte Judeu. Eva was also part of the group of teachers from “Escola Primavera”, where she got a very important part of her teacher’s learning.

Aurélia with the first children.