For some time, a group of parents whose children had finished their time at the Kindergarten, were determined to continue their Waldorf education. These movement of the parents led to the Escola Livre do Algarve, which was later to become the Escola Waldorf “A Oliveira”.

In 2008 it started with a class of eight first grade primary school children, in an old primary school in the village of Figueira (Vila do Bispo).

Big wheel on Escola Waldorf a Oliveira.

To this day, it has around one hundred children. The school educational project is now licensed by the Ministry of Education until the eighth year of schooling.

Also for the Kindergarten, a seed is germinating...and maybe after 25 years of existence, we might as well expand to the village of Barão de S. João, where everything has started!

I am a daughter of Infância Viva
the one who feed me
and gave me Love
For four years in my life,
But life pushes us,
it forces us to grow up
and so I left this mother...
still too immature to leave
I cried a lot and
I grew up...
I gave birth to a beautiful garden
the son of a fertile seed
that bloomed from Infância Viva
The Jardim Waldorf of Amoreira.
From it, each day, pieces
of the Feeling, the Thought and the Acting
of each of you.
Four years have gone by since I left
and it is with gratitude, joy
and longing in my heart
that I remember each gesture,
each smile, each song.
Grateful to all.
I’ll be always part of that
House, that mother…

Ana Manjua
(Kindergarten teacher at Jardim de Infância “A Amoreira”)
Amoreira de Óbidos / Portugal

Board and Pedagogical Council:
Margit Kegel, Luís Cravinho, Eva Herre, Luciana Gonçalves, Priscila Inácio, Leandro Gouveia, Marta Florêncio, Aurélia Braz, Bruno Nunes, António Guedes, Régine Bonzi and Ana Batista.